I know it was written a few years ago. And I still have to take into account some of the author`s misunderstandings about wisdom in “The Four Accords.” Note that the beginning of the book on domestication and dreams is an important preface to understanding the power of new chords. Thank you, Allan, for sharing your wisdom. I am honoured that someone of your stature would take the time to read my contribution and clarify the importance of the agreements. If your convictions create deep happiness in you, then I say: keep them. If they cause trouble, if the beliefs of others are different, consciousness can give you the choice of what you believe and what you let go. So many of our beliefs, concepts, agreements were fed to us as “truth” when we were young, and we accepted them literally and completely. The beginning of the four chords is how our animators domesticated us in a “dream” of life. The only dream they had at our disposal was the one they lived, which they received mainly from their parents, etc. The online course “The Four Chords for a Better Life” will deepen your understanding and practice of the four chords and lead you to the life you really want to live.

Watch cinema-quality videos, learn at your own pace, and use the power of these deceptively simple chords. It`s time for a better life. If I have to call four self-betrayals that I usually do to myself, will they be? In this lesson, we distinguish between the reality that life creates and the virtual reality that people create using language. Life creates what is real, and people create stories about what is real. With words and chords, we build a building of knowledge. . A whole belief system that tells us what we know about ourselves, about life, about everything. With all the knowledge we accumulate, we will no longer perceive what is real; We only see our own knowledge. Our belief system is like a mirror that only shows us what we believe.

Hello, Jarek! My name is Raquel Benavidez. I take care of the formation of the corporation for the four agreements with Ruiz and Amber Allan editions. I would like to talk to you. Thank you for writing this article. I believe that these agreements can significantly change our business culture and improve our functioning, both in our professional and personal lives. My email address is raquel@miguelruiz.com. I look forward to hearing from you. Agreeing with ourselves not to take things personally (#2) offers us the opportunity to look inward and find and change the old agreements and beliefs – mostly lies of our childhood adherence – that emotionally captivate us and push us to react.

The author of the article describes precisely the “dream” of people that distorts what people say or do. It is a powerful gift of Totec wisdom. I read that and I fully understand the points he was trying to make. It is a little more sustained when you read the voice of knowledge. We learn everything when we grow up, some of what we “learn” is not positive. Many of us had parents, either young or abused themselves, and we learn their “beliefs” habits and patterns, while learning to count, speak, read, etc. Before the age of three, there is no anger. We repeat the actions of our guardians and authorities as children, to obtain love, comfort and emotional support from them.

We repeat their pattern because it makes them love and makes us recognize the behavior. On the other hand, what we have done could be interpreted as “false” and punished. Maybe this punishment was severe or unfair and gave us an emotional memory of pain and fear.