14. Xero Price Plan: Your use of our services generally requires you to pay a monthly subscription fee based on your subscription type.) The pricing plan includes the subscription and subscription fees we have offered, including billing, payment, automatic renewal and cancellation terms. The price plan may vary from region to region and contains information on the offer and price page. We can update or change the price plan from time to time. The terms of the price plan are part of these conditions. As with all other changes to our terms, changes to the pricing plan are not retroactive and if we make changes and you are a subscriber, we will do everything in our power to inform you (more information on how and when we will inform you). For more information on changing price plans, visit Xero Central. Depending on the region, subscription fees may or may not include transaction taxes (for example. B VAT and GST), as the price plan says. To continue using WorkflowMax after the expiry of the free trial version, you must purchase a subscription and enter your credit card information for processing in WorkflowMax. The functions in the free trial version are limited. 46. Termination by Xero: Xero can cancel your subscription at any time by communicating a month`s written notification in advance.

Xero may also terminate or immediately suspend your subscription or access to all data or data if: Some customers choose to pay directly for Xero subscriptions and invite us as consultants. In most cases, subscription fees are included in the customer`s fixed-price contract. See below for support and counselling services. 45th subscription period: Your subscription continues for the period covered by the subscription fee paid or payable. At the end of each billing period, these conditions will automatically be maintained for an additional period of the same duration as the previous one, provided that you continue to pay the subscription fee according to the price plan. You can cancel your subscription at any time by canceling a month in advance in writing. You must continue to pay all relevant subscription fees until the included termination date. For more information, z.B. on the termination of your subscription, visit Xero Central. 6.2 Billing; payment. SFX issues you an invoice on or beyond the validity date and at least 30 days before the anniversary of the terms of the extension, as stated in the corresponding order form. These taxes are paid each year in advance.

SFX will charge you in advance or by other means depending on the order form. Unless otherwise stated, the net fee is due 30 days from the billing date. You are responsible for providing complete and accurate information about invoices and contact information and informing SFX of changes to this information. Not all payment obligations are cancellable and not all amounts paid are refundable, unless the contract expressly specifies otherwise. If you add additional users to the service, allow more users to use the Service, or use service events that go beyond your subscription fee, SFX will charge you the additional fee. “Subscription” means a non-transferable, non-refundable subscription to the SaaS platform, which is granted to the customer by the company under this contract and allows users to access and use the website, SaaS platform, mobile application and services, each for the duration of the subscription, for exclusive purposes and subject to and in accordance with the terms of that agreement and the CGV.