There are several clauses to be included in the agreement. A tokens is created on the website above for the rental contract. Property owners generally take a deposit from the tenant to ensure that there is some form of financial guarantee in the event that the tenant creates some form of damage to the property or in a circumstance where the tenant does not pay the rent and is not traceable. It is very necessary to mention in the agreement if the deposit is not refundable or refundable. It is also advisable to take into account the period in which such a deposit is to be repaid. The tenancy agreement must be the amount of the tenancy paid by the tenant, the type in which the amount is to be made, and the date before the rent amount is to be made. The rental agreement may also include a penalty for non-payment or late payment of rent. The tenancy agreement must specify whether the tenant must pay a maintenance fee for water, electricity, etc. above the rent. This is usually excluded from the rental agreement, and landlords later ask tenants to pay a monthly expense in addition to the rental agreement. The contract must also specify whether the landlord or tenant is responsible for repairs for damages that the tenant did not cause. The use of the property over time leads to the wear and tear of the property; The lease agreement must state who would bear such costs.

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Property owners often insist on a blackout period of at least 6 months to ensure that a tenant stays at least 6 months and pays the rent for that period.