Over four years, is still a large amount, but a manageable amount to pay, even if you have taken out loans. Overall, this is bad news – at Western Governors University, fewer students receive help and each aid scholarship is more than average. It`s a double Whammy which means that students need more credits to pay for college. Most WGU students are entitled to at least some kind of federal assistance. To qualify for federal scholarships (subsidies, loans and scholarships), you must meet certain requirements. Click here for the basic eligibility criteria. For eligibility and application for a direct subsidized loan program, please visit the “Help for Federal Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loan Studies” information page. At Western Governors University, 100% of students use federal funds. This is 35% higher than the average percentage of students in private non-profit schools, 65%. This does not mean that it is financially impossible to go to this school. Your EFC may be higher than our quick estimate above. In addition, you can cover a large part of your expenses through credits, external scholarships or a job.

Once FAFSA is complete, you will receive your personal financial assistance plan on the Financial Aid page on your student portal. Upon review of your grant plan, you will be asked to accept a recommended amount of credit or apply for a personalized credit amount not exceeding the maximum credit authorization. A letter of bonuses showing your requested or otherwise eligible loan and grant amounts will be sent to your WGU email address. At this point, the financial support process is complete and no further action is required. An unsubsidized direct loan is granted to eligible students, higher education graduates and professional students and does not depend on financial needs. They are therefore available to most WGU students. You are for interest from the day you lend the money until you pay the loan. So how many students borrow from Western Governors University? It is very common for university graduates in the United States to end up with some debt, but high percentages of students who borrow from a given school is a big red flag.

On the other hand, a small percentage of credit students is a sign that teaching at Western Governors University is affordable. In addition to federal grants and loans, you can benefit from financial assistance from your state. In our government financial aid document, you will find information on state scholarships that WGU students can receive, as you can apply, and other requirements. Apart from scholarships, the other important way to pay for university is with student loans. Student credits are not free sums of money – you borrow a certain amount to visit Western Governors University and then pay them back with small monthly payments after graduation. But over four years, is still a considerable amount, and if you have to borrow, it can take many years to repay you. WGU subclasses have completed their diplomas without taking out a student loan. When you borrow as a student, the host board meets the advice requirements for directly subsidized loans and direct non-subsidized loans.

We start with federal loans because federal loans are generally preferable to private loans. Federal loans tend to have low interest rates, which means they cost less in the long run.