“acuerdo (o convenio) of liquidacin” would refer to the billing of an account such as the payment of your credit card.B. Here I think the context is the settlement of a lawsuit, not a payment agreement. Whether it`s the translation of an agreement, a transaction or a legal document, Spanish Target`s bilingual professionals provide a notarized certified translation certificate that guarantees close understanding and confirms your consent to your legal status, which is presented in the translation related to the agreement and comparison. Do not risk being misrepresced and inaccurate in legal documents, as this can harm your case. Our translation services offer accurate and certified Spanish translations that meet all legal requirements. We can provide notarized confirmation of the translation for every document you need. arreglo conciliatorio y descargo general de responsabilidad Diccionario de terminologa jurdica mexicana by Javier Becerra, and Diccionario de trminos jurdicos de Alcaraz Var and Hughes. I recently researched these terms for a translation I did. I found these terms on the Internet in legal documents and legal dictionaries. A Costa Rican also confirmed that “arreglo conciliatorio” is the term used when a civil trial is settled. acuerdo (o convenio) de liquidacin y declaracin de descargo (o relevo) general This question has already received an answer and evaluation. It is therefore not possible to provide new answers.